Please accept this heartfelt thank you to everyone who lifted up a prayer on the behalf of my family, my church, and myself.  Your emails, prayers, and phone calls were very special to me.  You have no idea of how much your kind words and prayers have ministered to me during this time.   It isn’t my intention to incite conflict, as some have speculated, but I feel a true calling from the Lord to gain clarity in this matter for our convention. I will be posting more updates in the future, but in the mean time my position on this subject matter can be found in three statements posted on my church’s website  Once again, thank you for your prayers, phone calls, and emails because each one has ministered to me in a special way.  May the peace of God be with you during this test of our faith.   

Humbly Serving Christ,  

Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr.