Why A Baptist Conference On The Holy Spirit?


“One Body, One Spirit, One Hope” 

Ephesians 4:4


April 27-29, 2007


The late Dr. Jack Gray of Southwestern Seminary stated, in the early 1980’s, five reasons why we needed to study the person of the Holy Spirit:


1.      Because of the importance the Bible gives to His person and ministry.

2.      Because of the comparative unimportance many of us have given until recent years to the Holy Spirit. 

3.      Because of the widespread misconceptions and erroneous teachings about the Holy Spirit.

4.      Because of current popular interest in the Holy Spirit. 

5.      Because of the person and power of Satan.


What Dr. Gray said in the early 1980’s regarding the importance of the study of the Holy Spirit still rings true in Baptist life today.


On April 27-29, Cornerstone Baptist Church of Arlington will host a Baptist Conference on The Holy Spirit.  The purpose of this conference is to explore and examine the unity and diversity in Baptist life as it relates to the Holy Spirit and His gifts and to become more intimately acquainted with Him through worship and the study of God’s Word.  This unique conference is designed to gather Baptist and evangelicals to learn more about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and to experience the person and power of the Holy Spirit, as we worship and study God’s Word together in “spirit and in truth.” 

Within Baptist life there are belief systems that embrace the charismatic, continualist, semi-cessationist, and cessationist viewpoints of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  This conference will address each of these viewpoints within a Baptist, biblical and balanced framework and context with the goals of exalting the Savior, edifying the saints, evangelizing sinners, elevating society, and elucidating the Scripture.  The goal of this conference is not to get all of us “on the same page,” but to help us to understand and appreciate various Baptist viewpoints.  Furthermore, we want to celebrate the fact that there is “unity in our diversity and diversity in our unity” as Baptist churches and leaders. 

Consequently, the theme of this conference is “One Body, One Spirit and One Hope” (Eph. 4:4).  Although Baptist may differ with regard to terminology, definitions, and beliefs and practices concerning the work of the Holy Spirit in the prayer life of some believers, we all agree that the Lord promised to pour out His Spirit in the last days upon all flesh (Acts 2:17).  We are praying that God will pour out His Spirit upon us as we gather as a body of Baptist and evangelical believers with diverse viewpoints.  We’re also praying that we will leave this conference knowing more about the Holy Spirit as a doctrine, but more importantly we will also ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon us at this conference so that we will all fellowship with the Holy Spirit as a person.  May we leave this conference saying “Surely the presence of the Lord was in this place.”  May the Lord move upon your hearts to worship, study, and fellowship with us and Him during the Baptist Conference on the Holy Spirit.  Please join us at this historic and Spirit-filled conference, where we will worship, welcome and wait upon Him.  Remember, “In His presence is fullness of joy” (Psalm 16:11).


The Apostle Paul’s passions in life were twofold:

  1. “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection.” Philippians 3:10a
  2. “Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” Colossians 1:28,29

My prayer to God is that this conference would move all of us toward a greater knowledge of the Lord and ministry to His people.

To register for this conference please visit my website at http://www.cbcarlington.org.