“I have received word through the media that the chairman of the board of trustees for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Van McClain, intends to consider asking the Southern Baptist Convention to remove me from the board. The reason he has given to the media is his “lost confidence” in me due to his perception that I have breached confidentiality. In the past months, I have asked Brother McClain to provide me with copies of any confidentiality policies governing trustee material. I have not received any copy of such policies, and I have been told by Brother McClain that no confidentiality policies exist.

The Executive Committee of Southwestern’s board of trustees has requested a meeting with me in writing. I have responded to that request, explaining my desire to meet and the conditions under which I am available for such a meeting. No specific details were given to me for this meeting, and I am only now learning of Brother McClain’s specific concerns through the media. I have not yet received any correspondence from him giving me a statement of his specific concerns, though I requested such an enumeration on February 23, 2007. The effort to remove me as a trustee at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is nothing but a twenty-first century lynching of an independent thinking Black man who has demonstrated strong support for the Southern Baptist Convention.  Because I will not join the “good old boys club” I’m subjected to removal as a trustee.

At this point, I will issue no further comment regarding this matter. My ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church and the planning for our Baptist Conference on the Holy Spirit, April 27-29, 2007, controls my greater spiritual attention and personal preparation.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is very dear to my heart, and I consider my trusteeship to be a great privilege and responsibility given by Southern Baptists. I am unwavering in my support of the institution, and I am resolved to walk prayerfully and sensitively through these troubling times.”