By Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr.

September 20, 2012

Under the caption, “Preachers telling Blacks not to vote is sinful,” Bob Ray Sanders published an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, September 18, 2012, that led persons who could identify me by description—not by name—to  believe that I instructed my congregation not to vote. That is absolutely and unequivocally not true. I’ve never and will never tell my congregation, how to vote or not to vote. As a matter of fact, for the upcoming election, I have encouraged the congregation to study the issues and vote their conviction.

To vote for President Obama in the upcoming election will advance the same-sex marriage agenda and affirm the Democratic Party Platform endorsing the same. To vote for Governor Mitt Romney is to not hold him accountable for the racist teachings in the Mormon “Bible” that “black skinned” people are “cursed,” “loathsome,” “unattractive,” “despised” and “filthy.”

When faced with the choice of two evils, my philosophy is to choose neither. Same-sex marriage is evil, and as it did with Rome, it will lead to the destruction of this great nation. Racism, and even more so, religious racism, is evil. I cannot with a clear conscience vote for a man, when given an opportunity by Tim Russert in a 2008 interview, to distance himself from the racist history and teaching of the Mormon Church—not only refused to do so, but stated, he stands by the faith of his fathers.

I cannot stand by President Obama and his beliefs on same-sex marriage. I cannot stand by Mitt Romney and his refusal to repudiate the racist text and history of Mormonism. Therefore, I choose to vote for neither. I am seriously considering writing in the Name, “Jesus Christ,” as my candidate.

Bob Ray Sanders ‘article was based on an erroneous story by the Associated Press that stated African American Pastors are encouraging their congregants not to vote. As Mr. Sanders accurately pointed out, no one was quoted with that viewpoint because none of us hold that viewpoint.

My statement to the Associated Press was that I would be voting in the early election down line, but would not be casting a vote for the Office of President. On Election Day, I plan to go fishing. That line was spun into, African American pastors suggesting to parishioners not to vote. Recently my oldest sister informed me that my parents paid a $2.00 poll tax for the right to vote; therefore, for me, not voting is not an option.

Finally, it is not my goal to help or hurt either candidate. It is my goal to advance the Kingdom of God. When one chooses the lesser of two evils, they still choose evil. “God help me. Here I stand.”