I’ve known Gov. Huckabee for over 30 years.  Gov. Huckabee and I graduated from the same college and attended there two years together.  Gov. Huckabee and I were fellow Baptist pastors in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in the late 70’s.  We were friends in college, we are friends today.

Mike Huckabee has always been a man with great communication abilities, people skills and leadership qualities.  He is a uniter – not a divider, and one who has always earned the respect, appreciation and support of African American friends, parishioners, voters and colleagues.

As a matter of fact, he received 48% of the Black vote in Arkansas – unprecedented for a Republican. As governor of Arkansas he awarded the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (HBCU) 2 million dollars from his discretionary fund to assist in building them a new football stadium.  The overall funding that UAPB received from the Arkansas State Government during Gov. Huckabee’s term in office far exceeded the funding received during Bill Clinton’s governorship in Arkansas.  Gov. Huckabee appointed over 300 African Americans to boards, commissions and state employment positions during his tenure as Arkansas governor.

Gov. Huckabee is a proven Christian leader and a man who will serve our country well.  Color nor gender will drive my voting decision.  Convictions, character, competence, capacity and experience are factors that will drive my decision. The only person in this race who holds to biblical conservative values as it relates to pro life, pro family and lower taxes is Mike Huckabee.  In this election I am left with one primary choice and that is Mike Huckabee – the man we should elect to be President of the United States of America.